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Knee update

It seems I have torn my quadriceps tendon, and will need a repair job on it. This qualifies for emergency surgery, which is a good thing, since elective surgeries are on hold for who knows how long. I go in early tomorrow morning, and if there are no more pressing emergencies, they’ll do it sometime during the day. I’ll have to stay overnight and should be home on Sunday evening, assuming everything unfolds as planned.


  1. Anonymous

    Let my know when we can have….breakfast & Weebobby’s 5 km walk….👣👣👣👣👣 😷…Cheers

  2. Ingrid Randoja

    That must have hurt! Take care and stay positive, that is so crucial. I can leave puzzles on our porch for pick up? I have an excellent map of 1905 Paris that is difficult, but not too difficult.

  3. Ouch! This happened to a musclehead buddy of mine (look up brovero835 on Instagram), two summers ago during a half marathon. Ouch! Repair quick, rehab long, but he got back to his Iron Den (he has a fulllly equipped gym in a barn on his property!) within six months. I bet if you work back in his feed you’d be able to track the way it progressed. It’s all about the persistence. I hope the repair is as painless as possible.

  4. vintageclark

    So sorry to hear but great to know that you have priority at SJH…the sooner the better!Our very best wishes for a successful procedure and speedy recovery, Eugene!

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