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Getting Stronger

I’ve been working on the passive motion exercises I’m supposed to do for my knee, and ever so slowly I’m regaining flexibility. Anytime I’m walking around I keep the knee splint on, and I’m dutifully using 1 crutch, although much of the time I feel… Read More

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Today was the day for removing the dressing from my knee. It looks good. Well, no, it doesn’t look good; I take that back. What I mean is it looks like it is healing normally, and is not inflamed or open anywhere. I knew it… Read More

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Home from the hospital! I’ve got a dressing around the knee, which stays on for a couple days, and a knee brace to keep the joint in place – and plenty of healing and physio ahead. Thanks everyone for the love and support! Also a… Read More

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Knee update

It seems I have torn my quadriceps tendon, and will need a repair job on it. This qualifies for emergency surgery, which is a good thing, since elective surgeries are on hold for who knows how long. I go in early tomorrow morning, and if… Read More