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Are there any songs about knee problems?

Celebrating my return home after my knee misadventure, I thought I ought to post some appropriate music. I couldn’t think of any songs about torn tendons, though. The closest I can come up with is Arthritis Blues performed by Ramblin’ Jack.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    How about them knee wreckers
    Aint they nice?
    Walkin they dogs
    Falling on the ice.

    Wreckin they ankles
    Wreckin they knees
    Wreckin they joints
    Easy as you please.

    Look at them knee wreckers
    Aint they sad
    Wreckin they knees
    Hurtin them bad

    Them far trekking knee wreckers
    Aint they dumb
    Flying through the air
    And landing on they bum

    How to be a knee wrecker?
    Aint much to it
    Find yerself some ice
    Reckon that will do it.

    There is of course music that goes with this but you will have to borrow it from the Kingston Trio

  2. We’ll have to write one.
    Can’t bend can’t squat
    Can’t move around a lot
    Gotta put my feet up
    When it starts to heat up

    Mindin my own bix
    When my foot when whiz
    Next thing you know I’m sore
    And I find out that it’s tore

    Bad knee bent knee
    Bum knee Some knee
    Isn’t it ironic
    Now I’ll be bionic

    I’ll see myself out…

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