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Getting Stronger

I’ve been working on the passive motion exercises I’m supposed to do for my knee, and ever so slowly I’m regaining flexibility. Anytime I’m walking around I keep the knee splint on, and I’m dutifully using 1 crutch, although much of the time I feel as if I don’t really need it. With the splint on, I feel strong and stable, if a little awkward. I feel confident that after my next appointment with the surgeon in mid-June, I’ll be fine to get around without the aid of either splint or crutch.

As soon as we get some weather more appropriate for mid-May, I’ll be venturing out into the garden, a little bit at a time. I already have a few veggies planted in containers, and soon it will be time to plant tomatoes. Once again this year, my friend Jennifer has started some of her fabulous heirloom tomatoes for me (thanks!!). The back yard needs lots of work and due to this injury I haven’t been able to give it any attention. From the upstairs window I can see garlic mustard growing, which I’d really like to pull at the earliest opportunity.

I’m been doing a lot of sitting around, mixed with some lying around and a little more sitting around. It will be good to get more active again. The surgeon said slow and gradual strengthening is the ticket for this injury so I’m trying to be patient.


  1. vintageclark

    All the best, Eugene! Keep up the good work! Then celebrate!!

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