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Go with Vox

Vox won 3/5 games last night. The first one was the most interesting in that it was a big come-back kind of game. Vox took a big moyo on the bottom and the situation looked grim for me. However, he left a good deal of aji on the board. I was able to exploit it in 3 areas, killing enough stones for a 25.5 point win. Here’s one of my attacks….

Game 1 white attacks from within

My move at G11 exposed the weakness of Vox’s shape in this area.

I’ve been giving Vox 2 stones handicap and taking a half point komi. If we had been playing our previous handicap in which I take 6.5 points komi, game 3 would have been mine. I think right now the appropriate handicap is either where it is or where it was just previously. Vox will be trying to change that in the coming weeks to be sure.

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