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Squeeze Box Man – Issue 4 is here!

What is Squeeze Box Man all about?

Issue 4 of the Squeeze Box Man graphic novel is now available. For those of you who have subscribed to the whole set, I’ll be sending out the new issue to you this week! Anyone interested in copies of the new issue or back issues, please email me. Issues are $12 each + shipping. Payment for Canadian orders will be by Interac transfer. For those of you in USA or other parts of the world, email me and I’ll figure out the cheapest way to ship to you and the best international payment method.

Here are some sneak peeks at Issue 4…

Lazy cleans up his act! He gets his haircut at the same place I do, The Nite Owl. We even have the same barber, the fantastic Steph.

History and fiction come together in Issue 4 of Squeeze Box Man. In the story Staashu vs Modern Art, we feature Toronto artist Andy Fabo and a fabulous true-life exhibition called CHROMALIVING. This was a really important art show at the time. Were you there? Maybe you saw Staashu and Lazy.

Also in Issue 4, NPK get a manager, the irrepressible Bananas Foster. Is the big time just around the corner for the guys?

The Squeeze Box Man graphic novel is based on a book of stories I wrote called Squeeze Box Man – The Lazy Allen Stories. This book is still available on Amazon if you want to get a copy, OR…..if you order any 3 issues, I’ll include a copy of the original stories with your order.

When Toronto artist Jacob Yerex read the stories, he told me he thought they were well-suited to the graphic novel format and offered to do the illustrations. The graphic novel features some of the stories from the original book plus a group of new stories. Jacob has brought my characters to life and has helped develop them further, sometimes in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

We really appreciate Steph at Nite Owl and Andy Fabo for being great sports and allowing us to insert them in our fiction. Thank you!

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