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Squeeze Box Man: behind the scenes

The story Shave and a Hair Cut is a critical one in the Squeeze Box Man story arc, because it is a physical representation of Lazy Allen’s transformation: he goes in looking rough but emerges a new man. As well, at the end of this story we introduce a real-life character, artist Andy Fabo, an old friend of Lazy’s.

Lazy lives in Long Branch, coincidentally the same Toronto community I live in. Jacob (who illustrates the novel, bringing my characters to life) and I chose to set this story in an actual Long Branch barber shop called The Nite Owl. This location has been a barbershop since the 1940s. After the original crew retired, it was closed for a decade then reopened as The Nite Owl – a fantastic old school barber shop (where it happens I get my hair cut). We asked my barber Steph if she would like to be in a graphic novel cutting Lazy’s hair. Of course to do so she would have to go back in time to the early 80s, but fortunately, Steph was up for some time travel.

Jacob played the part of Lazy and went in for a haircut. I was there with my camera and captured loads of detail for Jacob to work with in his drawings.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of Issue 4 (or back issues) please email me your request to Copies are $12 (Canadian) + postage. We have 2 more issues to go to complete this story (you never know, there may be more adventures later), and we’re already at work on Issue 5.

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