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The Guest


Last night about 11:00, I let the Newfs out in the backyard for a pee. They charged to the back of the property, and then I heard the yelp that can only mean, oh crap there are 2 giant dogs running at me full tilt. It turned out there was an old beagle in our yard. Along with our neighbour, we walked around the neighbourhood with him. Someone in a car said there was somebody driving around looking for a beagle, but we didn’t see anyone.

We invited the dog to stay with us. He was pretty relaxed with The Partners and the cats and quickly settled in. He followed Sheila when she came up to bed and he hopped up and slept cuddled up with her. Fortunately he had a Toronto tag. I called 311 and within half an hour I was talking to the owner who came to pick him up.

Our guest was named Milo. He was with his owner at a friend’s place over on 30th Street and got scared by some fireworks. The owner said he was driving around looking for him for much of the night, while Milo was comfortably sacked out with us. We’re so happy to have reunited them. Milo was an excellent house-guest.

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