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Where’s the Fire?

Last night around 11:30ish, I was sitting at this computer playing online Go with my friend Vox, when a fire truck came rolling down the street. It slowed down as it passed our place and stopped a couple doors down. The firemen got out of the truck and started looking around the street, walking back and forth, and shining flashlights at various homes. It was really strange so I excused myself from the game and went out to ask the guys what was up.

They told me they had received a vague neighbour complaint that somewhere around here, somebody had an illegal backyard fire going. How strange. I would have thought that was the kind of thing a by-law officer would attempt to investigate unsuccessfully days after the fact. The fire folks were clear they knew it wasn’t a house on fire but a neighbour complaint, but that all they knew was it was “somewhere around here”. They didn’t have an address. Wouldn’t a complaining neighbour know exactly who he was complaining about?

One of my neighbours also came out to see what was going on. One fireman cautioned me that since I was talking to him, people might think I was the person who called in the complaint. I told him I didn’t care about that. I just wanted to be sure my friends and neighbours were all safe. There were few lights on up and down the street. None of us could smell smoke. The fire truck left, failing to nab the scalliwags who allegedly had a backyard fire going.

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