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Catio Madness

For years, we’ve had a vague plan to add a catio to our deck, an enclosure where our cats can hang out, enjoy the fresh air, climb and play in safety. We’re finally making that happen. Initially the idea was that we would carry the cats from the house to the enclosure. Then Tuffy P came up with the idea of a cat tunnel running underneath the deck to a basement window with a cat door and a ramp to the basement floor. Easy-peasy, right? Right, except it is a 6 metre run from the window to the enclosure.

This crazy project has taken on a life of its own.

Now that the tunnel is in place, next step is completion of the finished trim and the ramp to the basement. I bought a piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting today, and I’ll cover all the shelves in the enclosure with carpet so it’s comfy for the lions, and then I’ll paint all the exposed wood.

Then comes the fun part, introducing the gang to the catio and teaching them to self-serve using the cat-door and the tunnel. Inside the catio there are various levels they can climb and jump to. I’m going to figure out a feline hammock as well.


  1. Garth Wunsch

    NIce Chunnel – Cat Tunnel! Ours is only about 8’ long and tight to house so no snow load issues.

    Good to see you have a fine mesh screen. I started out with plastic coated chain link fencing, but the birds, chipmunks, and mice got inside, and then the fun began… for the cats. They practice “catch and release”… catch the critter, take it into the rec room and let it go… then the fun began for me… here dad!!!

    House is 7’ x 12’ and first four feet against house is shingled roof. They love to sit out there, even in rain and snow, stay dry and enjoy the outdoors. I found a small dead apple tree at a friends and installed that inside too, complete with a tree house for them. #CrazyCatPeople

  2. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Remember that there is nothing quite like a couple of potted catnip plants to lure a cat up a ramp and through a cat door.

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