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The Agency Reading List – Updates

The Agency Reading List is a page attached to this blog which simply documents books mentioned or discussed on The Agency Podcast. I updated the list this morning with a number of titles that came up during recent episodes.

The list is quite a mix of fiction and non-fiction. from pulp to literature to science to film criticism, graphic novels and more. I haven’t tried to categorize or sort the list. I just keep adding books to it. I suspect I may not have captured every book we’ve talked about but I’m confident I’ve listed most of them.

If you’re looking for some interesting reading material, maybe this list will be helpful. I now wish I had captured all the movies and television we’ve talked about, but to grab that now, I would have to go back through all the episodes.

If you have a book in mind you would like to hear discussed on The Agency Podcast, email us and tell us why we should read and discuss it. We can’t promise to discuss every suggestion but we’ll try our best.

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