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Take a walk with me….

We live between 2 really special parks. East of Twenty Third Street, there is Colonel Sam Smith Park, and west of Forty first Street, there is Marie Curtis Park and the Arsenal Lands, which I visited today.

I saw the highlight of my walk as soon as I emerged into the large field with the ponds and the old water tower.

Eastern Bluebird

This Eastern bluebird landed on a rose about 50 feet from me. I was able to get one pretty good photo.

Many of the leaves have fallen now, but in today’s sunlight the subtle browns were really beautiful.

The wooden structures in the Arsenal Lands were built as sound baffles. Guns were made here during WWII and there was a firing range. The sound baffles apparently helped dull the sound of machine gun fire.

To the west of the Arsenal Lands, the former site of a coal-fired generating station is being turned into park and conservation lands. There are several front-end loaders out there right now, moving rubble around. The project, called the Jim Tovey Lakeview Conservation Area, will open in 2025.


    • I’m glad you enjoy these posts. We’re very fortunate here in Toronto to have really great parks, waterfront, ravines, creeks and rivers to visit. Marie Curtis Park and the Arsenal lands are perhaps a mile west of where we live, and the place is a treasure.

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