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Two Trees

When I started going on nature walks I thought it was an activity suited to only certain times of the year. I’ve come to learn, though, that each season has something to teach us about the natural world around us. This time of year, as… Read More

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3 Berries

There are still quite a few berries around. Here are 3 we came across on today’s nature walk with naturalist Miles Hearn, at Ashbridges Bay on the east side Toronto. These beautiful orange berries are Sea Buckthorn. They are edible and some people use them… Read More

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Sow Thistle

I’m used to seeing field sow thistles as summer wildflowers. They grow tall and spindly and look kind of like dandelions on steroids. I wasn’t sure what this was when I saw it – low to the ground, with gorgeous magenta foliage. Fortunately, we were on one of Miles Hearn’s excellent nature walks, and Miles assured me this was a sow thistle.