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Illuminati Light (or should it be Lite?)

The new episode of The Agency Podcast is up. You can listen here or find the podcast in all the good places.

We cover a lot of ground in this week’s episode. Topics discussed include:

  • a quarantine update
  • reader mail
  • a social media lesson
  • good news for a big old tree
  • cheating in pro Go
  • various movies
  • issue 5 of the Squeeze Box Man graphic novel
  • a pop culture proposal
  • psychedelic doctors
  • Tippler’s Bane
  • and much much more

The musical background snippet you hear in this episode is from Shirley Matthews’ 1964 recording, Big Town Boy.

We love to hear from you.
We have some new merch – The Agency Podcast hip flasks. Limited quantities. You can purchase one by emailing us, $25 each, or write us and tell us why we absolutely need to send you one for free (if we go for your pitch, we’ll read your email on the air). Copies of issues 1-4 of the Squeeze Box Man comic are available for $12 CAN + $3 shipping to anywhere.

Thank you for tuning in – and special thanks to our Patrons, who help pay the bills. If you would like to support The Agency, check out our Patreon page:

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