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Squeeze Box Man Volume 5 is now available

front cover, Volume 5

I just picked up Volume 5 of the Squeeze Box Man graphic novel at the printers. Since we’re in a pandemic, this issue is available by mail only. If you’re interested in a copy of Volume 5 or any of the other issues, please email me.

from the story Late

Issues are $12 CAN + $3 postage to anywhere.

From the story Gone Fishin’

In Volume 5, Maggie struggles with her demons; Bananas Foster gets the gang a tour bus; Staashu and Sabina have relationship problems; and Lazy tells the band the story of a strange trip to San Antonio. This may be the darkest issue to date, and as usual deals with mature themes (it may be a comic but Squeeze Box Man is for adults, not the kiddies).

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