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Cold but sunny morning – Humber Bay East Park

I met up with my friend Ted this morning for a walk around Humber Bay East Park. It was a sunny morning but quite cold. The trails were bare, a perfect day for a winter walk.

We saw a tremendous amount of fresh beaver activity, but no sign of the beaver.

beaver activity
Toronto downtown from Humber Bay East

Humber Bay is a good spot to see winter ducks like this bufflehead.

There were swans preening in a sheltered area.

staghorn sumach

I caught some movement as a bird landed in some shrubs. I didn’t get a good look but snapped some pictures.

American Kestrel

It turned out to be North America’s smallest falcon, an American Kestrel (Falco sparverius, sometimes called a sparrow hawk), and it looks like he’s got some lunch.

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