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Real Eggs

Today on his televised address, Ontario Premier Ford gave Tim Horton’s, (because his schtick is “for the people”, Mr Ford likes to call them Timmies) a shout out for coming out with breakfast sandwiches made with “real eggs”. One question. Just what exactly were the old ones made from? A while back they introduced “steeped tea”. Um, what other method is used to make tea? The same outfit also has a current ad campaign telling us how bad their previous efforts at “dark roast” coffee really were, promising this time they’ve got it right.

Strange Days.

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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    I have heard a rumor of what Tim’s breakfast sandwiches were made from before they started to use an egg. First a disclaimer. I have not verified this with my own eyes. The secret ingredient was related to me by a relative who said he worked repairing some equipment in the eastern Ontario factory which produces the breakfast sandwiches. While I believe he is a reliable source I have no way to verify it. He told me that what looks to be a fried egg in the sandwich is in fact a patty of cream cheese which is cooked to look like an egg. That is all I have. I will point out though that Tims is making a pretty big deal out of now using an egg so it is probably safe to assume that there was not an egg in the old sandwich. Some time ago Tim’s stopped making donuts in the back room and you can no longer ger a freshly cooked donut there. They are made in a factory somewhere and arrive at the Tim’s store frozen. ugggh. At about the same time they shrunk the size of the donut and this was pretty much the last time I bought a coffee and donut from them. It was widely reported that they were paying 16 cents for a frozen donuts while charging customers around 90 cents. That is an astronomical markup for a frozen donut.
    The coffee commercial heralds the arrival of a newer better dark roast coffee. It freely admits that the previous several versions of the dark roast were pretty bad but they dont explain why they continued to sell coffee that was pretty bad. Maybe the new dark roast is better than the previous versions and maybe it isnt. I will never know because I dont buy things from a place that sells frozen donuts..

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