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Real Eggs

Today on his televised address, Ontario Premier Ford gave Tim Horton’s, (because his schtick is “for the people”, Mr Ford likes to call them Timmies) a shout out for coming out with breakfast sandwiches made with “real eggs”. One question. Just what exactly were the… Read More

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Drying Tomatoes

Right now we have a lot of tomatoes from our. We’ve been eating plenty, and giving away quite a few too. This morning, I decided to dry a batch. This is actually the second batch I’ve dried this season. I took the first ones with… Read More

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ASMR Cooking?

Do you like to cook or enjoy learning about cooking or watching food being prepared? Check out Culinary Frank. Nobody speaks in these videos, which are referred to as ASMR cooking. They progress at a steady, chilled out pace. The shots are beautiful. Ingredient amounts… Read More