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The Tardis

Our Tardis

The TARDIS (/ˈtɑːrdɪs/; Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Doctor Who fans will all know a Tardis is a combination time machine and spacecraft. The Doctor, who is a Time Lord, has one that looks like a vintage 1960s police booth from the outside. A Tardis is built with a chameleon circuit (of course), which allows it to change the exterior form of the ship to blend in to the environment where it lands. One of the interesting things about a Tardis is that while the exterior is of limited size, it is significantly bigger on the inside. This is because the interior is a separate dimension with an infinite number of interior spaces.

We have one. From the outside it appears to be a 6-drawer red lacquered cabinet, but inside you might find anything at all. Our Tardis is the place in which we put things for safe-keeping, things we might need one day. Of course under normal circumstances, should the day come when we need one of those items and go fishing through the Tardis trying to find it, it will be safely hidden from view in the alternate dimension.

Sometimes the Tardis plays jokes on us by hiding things temporarily, just to see how frustrated us mortals can get, only to cause the items to reappear days or weeks later in seemingly obvious places.

This morning, there was a glitch in the space-time continuum. Tuffy P took advantage of this temporary condition to attempt to organize the contents of the Tardis. Dangerous business.

Certain items of dubious origin appeared.

We have no idea what these things are or where they came from. What would happen if we discarded these items? Would it cause a permanent and catastrophic shift in the space-time continuum? Would it cause a chain reaction leading to the end of the Universe as we know it? Or would the effects be more minor, perhaps an Ice Age.

The safest thing will be to return the items to the Tardis while we can.

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