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The Lost Christo Tapes

In 1991, Toronto artist Sheila Gregory read that Christo was spending over $20 million to bring to life his latest Umbrellas project, and she wanted to ask him about it. Sheila flew to New York and spoke with Christo for over an hour. The interview was played in 4 parts on CKLN radio’s Art on Air. For the next 30 years, it has lived in a drawer on cassette tape. Recently, Sheila came across it while organizing boxes of old photos.

Sheila Gregory with Christo

Today, The Agency speaks with Sheila Gregory about her interview with Christo, followed by the entire Christo interview. Listen here or find it at all the good podcast places.

Please join us. If you would like to send us your thoughts on this episode or anything on The Agency, please send us an email.

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