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A Sunny Sunday Afternoon at Cawthra Woods

The Cawthra Estates property sits nestled just below the QEW on the east side of Cawthra Road in Mississauga. It was a land grant to Joseph Cawthra in 1809. It was the home of a super-rich couple, Grace Cawthra and Harry Elliott, who went by Cawthra-Elliott. Their home is preserved on the site and there are walking trails through the adjoining woods. I met up with Ted in the parking lot for our weekly walk.

remains of a walled garden

There is a loop trail, complete with occasional boardwalks around part of the property.

Unfortunately, significant parts of the trails are iced over, so most of our walk was through the woods, where we navigated amongst many downed trees.

We didn’t see a lot of bird life this afternoon – until we heard and then saw a pair of Northern flickers. They were on the move and I was unable to get a photo. Here are some shots I took in the woods.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, sunny and not so cold we needed gloves on. It felt good to get out in the woods and enjoy the coming of spring, especially after such a strange year we’ve had.

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