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Take a walk with me – Lambton Woods

Lambton Woods along the Humber River is one of my go-to places for a morning walk. On weekends it gets quite a bit of traffic, but it’s a perfect place for a weekday morning walk. It’s not too far from where I live, there is ample parking, and I can walk a loop through the woods and back back on the path along the river.

The trail through the woods is one of the best places I know to see skunk cabbage. This remarkable plant begins to emerge through the winter, sometimes even amid ice and snow.

There has been a bridge out along the woods trail for some time – over a year for sure, maybe even longer. The city is planning to get around to making a new bridge and they are announcing it with several 5-foot wide signs around the park.

I suspect they have installed these big signs because “in advance of construction, a number of trees will be removed for construction access”. This is obviously a serious bridge. This is the monster gap the bridge will be spanning….

In my opinion a simple no-fuss-no-muss bridge made of 3 or 4 logs would do the job and be more in keeping with the natural environment. We certainly don’t need a heavy duty steel bridge in there and for sure we don’t need to destroy trees to facilitate construction. Something is wrong with this picture.

Throughout the park, trout lilies are either in bud or bloom. In amongst them there is quite a bit of bloodroot, with it’s distinctive leaves, also starting to bloom.

Lambton Woods is often a great place to look for birds, but today the dominant birds were male red-winged blackbirds.

I had forgotten all about Pipsqueak, but when I arrived at the rail trestle, I see his tags are still there. Pipsqueak needs to piss on things to mark his territory. Ho-hum. Maybe he has a deficient cerebral cortex, or perhaps an unusually small penis? You be the judge.


  1. I love Mr. Chippymunk! I don’t know how you get such perfect shots of birds. You must track like a native American.

    • I have a camera with a decent zoom, which allows me to take bird shots without having to be super close to them. Also, I’ve learned to be slow and quiet. Still sometimes I’ll see and identify a bird but by the time I find it through my viewfinder it flies off.

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