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Uneven Ground

I had planned to enjoy many nature walks through the bird migration season this year, but the acute quad tendon tear in my right knee put a stop to that idea. I had to wear a knee splint for 8 weeks and since I’ve been… Read More

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Spotted Jewelweed

This morning I enjoyed a stroll along the Humber River. There was Spotted Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) in bloom along many of the paths. I love these little flowers, delicate golden yellow blooms decorated with bits of fiery red.

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Lambton Woods walk

Lambton Woods is one the local places for nature walks I enjoy the most. It’s along the Humber River at James Gardens. It’s also where we met this morning for the last of the summer series of nature walks with Miles Hearn. As regular readers… Read More

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Lambton Woods

I enjoyed a solo walk this morning at Lambton Woods. This is a set of trails along the Humber River, accessed from the James Gardens parking lot. I was surprised to see some snow persisting in a few spots, and the trail was a bit… Read More