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A Treasure Close to Home

I’ve driven past the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens, located just west of Port Credit, countless times without ever stopping. Oh I’ve thought about stopping and made vague plans to visit, but until today I didn’t actually make the effort to do so. This morning, after a particularly trying time attempting to “curbside pick-up” some panels for mosaic projects from the Home Depot, I headed directly over there for a relaxing and peaceful walk.

Joseph B. Brueckner was an avid amateur plant breeder specializing in rhododendrons. In fact 18 of his hybrids were registered with the Royal Horticultural Society. His dream was to donate a large portion of his collection to form a new garden to be open to the public. With the help of a local politician named Harold Kennedy, his dream became the Bruekner Rhododendron Gardens, located at 660 Lakeshore Road.

It’s a lovely property, with a small creek, a variety of gardens, a swampy bit, a field, access to Lake Ontario, and a good variety of trees, many currently in blossom.

One of the highlights at the garden is a Cucumber Tree (Magnolia acuminata). This tree is an endangered species in Ontario and in Canada.

Cucumber Tree

The cucumber tree can grow up to 80 feet in height. The speciman at the Brueckner gardens is not that tall, but still it is stunning.

Cucumber Tree

Right now is the best time to visit the Bruekner Rhododendron Gardens as so much is currently in bloom. It’s a beautiful spot for a quiet, meditative walk, and well worth a visit. I’m really glad I finally stopped by to check it out.


  1. vintageclark

    Great to see the Rhodo gardens in May. Haven’t been there yet this year.This is a favorite annual cycle and picnic destination.

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