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Take a Walk With Me – Humber Bay East

I drove over to Humber Bay East this morning for a walk. This waterfront park is a great place to see birds, and at the foot of Park Lawn, it’s just a short drive from where we live. I expected to see some Baltimore Orioles there today since I’ve been seeing them around my neighbourhood each morning when I walk the dogs, but I didn’t see any. I did see quite a few birds though, including yellow warblers, yellow-rumped warblers, red-necked grebes, tree swallows, kinglets, cedar waxwings, cormorants, cardinals, grackles, red-winged blackbirds, song sparrows, house sparrows, terns, gulls, Canada geese, and more.

I was unable to get good shots of some of the birds I saw, such as the yellow-crowned kinglets and cedar waxwings, but overall, I did get some representative shots of today’s walk. I also enjoyed looking at a variety of interesting plants and even saw a turtle.

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