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Measurements for an Ark

Anybody know offhand the appropriate measurements for an ark? With all the rain coming down this morning, I hope it isn’t too late to begin construction. I was out doing some shopping this morning and already there were some crazy-big puddles. That was a couple hours ago and it has been pouring since. If the rain doesn’t stop, I’ll be able to launch off the front porch once construction is complete.

It seems we’ve had more than our share of rain over the past couple weeks. I hope it isn’t too much of a good thing for the veggie garden. Speaking of which my garlic looks like it’s about ready to be harvested. Usually I take it out of the ground around the middle of the month so it’s just a little early. The indicator is the leaves. Wait until the bottom 2 leaves have turned brown but harvest before all the leaves turn. I’ll likely harvest on the weekend. After harvest the garlic has to be cured for a couple weeks. I’ve had good success by hanging them in bunches out of the direct sun. Maybe there will be a garlic-curing area on the ark.


  1. We’ve been getting periodic deluges. I’d hate it more but at least it cools off the D. C. fug. Long ago one of our local garden columnists compared this part of the Washington summer to “giving artificial respiration to an old bathing suit.”

  2. no maybe about it, you can’t have an ark without a curing area…care to swing by and pick my waterlogged ass up on your way to the promised land?

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