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Free Books

There are some excellent titles right now in the 27th Street Book Box. It’s located – you guessed it – on Twenty Seventh Street, in the Toronto community of Long Branch, right in front our our place, the house with the grizzly bear, giant owl and the canoe garden, half a block up from Lake Promenade. You’re invited to take books or add books. You can read and return or read and pass the books on or it you find something you want to keep in your library at home, that’s fine too. If you have some books at home you think others in the community would enjoy, please feel free to add them to the box. If the box is full, you can leave your books in a bag on our porch and we’ll add them as space becomes available.


  • If you have books you just want to get rid of but don’t think people will enjoy, please don’t put them in the book box. Share the ones you love instead.
  • Please make an effort to shut the door fully so the books don’t get wet when it rains.
  • This box is for books, not CDs, DVDs, religious pamphlets, political or campaign material, food and so on.
  • Please don’t leave books or other materials on the ground around the book box.
  • The books are free to the community. Nobody makes any money from the book box. All we ask is to be respectful of this community project.

The 27th Street Book Box isn’t one of those fancy little free libraries with glass doors and a nice peaked roof. I cobbled it together from an old ammunition box I found at a junk store, with a hat make from a roaster to keep the rain and snow off, and a very small ladder for a base. It doesn’t have a fancy latch either, just a hair elastic, which I replace from time to time when it breaks. What it does feature is a good turnover of quality books. Most of the time, you can be sure to find something you might enjoy in there.

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