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Some paintings in their new home


Sheila and I spent this evening hanging a number of both our paintings in their new home. Here are a few of my works as we hung them this evening.

Underground (above) is a series of oil paintings I made on a really strange material which I can only describe as aluminum foam. This stuff was developed for architectural or decorative purposes. A friend of mine was involved with the company making this stuff, and he provided me with some pieces to try out as a painting ground. I came up with a series of 8 paintings. These works were exhibited at the old Loop Gallery when it was on Queen W. here in Toronto.

The Source

Over the years I’ve made several paintings called The Source including a set of tondos, or circular paintings, as well as the huge diptych by the same title I exhibited in the Canadian Sheild exhibition, back in the late 90s. The photo above shows 2 of the tondos, now hanging together. Both these paintings are acrylic on panel. For various reasons some paintings continue to resonate in my imagination long after I painted them, and that’s very much the case with this series. I really enjoyed seeing them hanging again this evening.

UPG (Universal Poetry Generator)

UPG or the Universal Poetry Generator is a diptych I made during the pandemic. It’s part of a limited series of two-panel pictures I painted, sparked by a discussion about the opportunities and dangers of AIs on The Agency Podcast, which I co-host with Candy Minx. This painting is now hanging above a computer monitor. Perfect. UPG was painted with oils on canvas.

Sheila Gregory and I both have a number of paintings in inventory we would like to find homes for very soon. If you’re interested, email me. For a limited time, you can come down to our home in Long Branch for a backyard viewing. We recognize the pandemic has turned many of our lives upside down. Special one-time only COVID prices will apply for anyone who contacts us before the end of September.

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