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Nosy Pedestrians

Listen to the new episode of The Agency Podcast right here or find it at all the good podcast places.

Thank you for listening! If you watch SUCCESSION you’ll know why this episode is called “Nosy Pedestrians.” The agents loved the lush, bitter finale of the third season series.

Both Candy and Eugene read Canadian-based writer Thomas King’s novel INDIANS ON VACATION.

The podcast visits with a Haiti school administrator artist and educator Susan Frame. Susan fills us in on life in Jakmel, Haiti’s capital of arts and culture, and how important arts education is in the city.

Other notable topics include The Matrix, the non-fiction book THE DAWN OF EVERYTHING, GALLERY OF CLOUDS a literary criticism book by Rachel Eisendrath, the series BMF, and the film Macbeth.

Please email us your book or movie recommendations or thoughts or reactions to our topics.  

Also check out The Agency Reading List.

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