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Adrenaline Shot

We’re back on our usual schedule, and I’m back in front of the microphone, co-hosting with the fabulous Candy Minx. I have to up my game now after hearing the excellent job Special Agent Sarah did helping out with the last episode!

Listen right here or find the episode at all the good places. For the omnivores out there, we’re looking for the best meatloaf recipes. Send us yours and tell us why it’s so yummy. If you’re a vegetarian, tell us about your fave plant-based comfort food recipes. The agents love their comfort food!

Early in the episode, I mentioned the phrase Death Don’t Have no Mercy in this Land, and associated it with the late Rev. Gary Davis. Death never takes a vacation in this land. He comes to the house and he don’t stay long. Look in the bed, find your brother gone. Here is the Reverend:

Thank you for joining us. Let us know if you have any requests for topics, guests, segments or anything really.

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