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The Veggie Garden

We can grow tomatoes and chilies at our place as a result of increased sun due to building next door a few years ago. I’ve made the little strip of land between our walk and the neighbour’s place our little farm, with several veggies, all in containers (except lots of garlic, which is in the ground).

Our tomato plants were generously provided by our fiend Jennifer Arnott, from The Fabulous Garden. I’ve got several varieties including Sungold, Old German, Boxcar Willie and more. I’ve also got several varieties of chilies this year, as well as lettuce (lots from seed but also some from starter plants), bok choi, spinach (from seed, planted early directly outdoors), chard, kale, herbs, and this year I have 3 cantaloupe plants. I’ve never grown cantaloupe before. Any tips on getting plenty of melons?

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