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So this happened….

At some point a couple months ago, I started thinking maybe it’s time to get a tattoo. I had an image in mind, from what I think is one of the oldest nonsense nursery rhymes in English:

Hey Diddle Diddle
Cat and a fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed to see such fun
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

For a long time, I didn’t think I would get a tattoo because I didn’t think I could settle on an image for the long term. I guess I changed my way of thinking, stopped taking myself so seriously. Someone on social media asked me for more about why I chose this image, but I don’t have a lot to say about that, beyond it is playful and light-hearted and it pleases me.

If I knew anything about tattoos, I might have researched Toronto tattoo artists but I don’t, so instead I wandered down to New Toronto and dropped by Flamewise Ink. They recently moved to our area from Mississauga. The place is huge, with 13 artists on board, and it is a beautiful, spotless studio. I spoke with Leo Quintao about what I wanted. Later, I sent him some reference images and he came up with a drawing I was pleased with.

On Thursday last, I went in for my appointment. My old buddy Stagg was in town from Chicago and he tagged along and hung out with me while the tattoo was applied. Before we got started, I recorded a little interview with Leo, which you will be able to hear on the next episode of The Agency Podcast, which should be out Wednesday this week.

Leo prepared a stencil, then we agreed on positioning. I wanted it on my forearm, though I couldn’t tell you why. After the stencil was positioned, he started into doing the line work. This was a comfortable enough process, not all that painful. Adding in the colour was considerably more painful. That is, not painful enough to shout STOP, but still painful. Needless to say I got through it. When it was complete, Leo put on a “second skin” bandage, which he instructed me to keep on for a few days.

The bandage is off now. There is a bit of dry, flaky skin where the tattoo is, though I’m using some specialty moisturizer. This is apparently to be expected. Otherwise it seems to be healing up just fine. I’m pleased with the work Leo did, and for sure I’d recommend him and Flamewise Ink.

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