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Our sweet dog Ruby has died

Our lovely Newfoundland dog Ruby passed this morning unexpectedly. Ruby was just about to turn 6. She was the sweetest dog who wanted to be best friends with every human she met. Ruby brought us great joy every day.

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  1. StephenBrassawe

    I got wind of this loss at the time via your Twitter entry, Eugene, but I had no idea what to say then. Anything sounding canned or cheap was out of the question nor did I want to make it all about me and my own experience, as I sometimes do.

    Once those big dogs have worked their way into our hearts, they are there for the duration of our own lives. The passage of time may make the loss of each more bearable, but it never completely eliminates the pain. My thoughts go out to you and your wife.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear it. I remember when you got her. We lost our little girl Lilly two weeks ago, and she was much older, but you never have them long enough.

    Good doggo.

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