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Frank George RIP

I’ve been listening to a CD by Franklin George for years, called Traditional Music for Banjo, Fiddle and Bagpipes. It’s an excellent recording. I heard yesterday he passed. I don’t know exactly how old he was – it would have to be in his late… Read More

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Howard Hodgkin RIP

The great British painter Howard Hodgkin passed on March 9 of this year, but I only found out about it last evening, which Tuffy P came across something on the internet. He was 84. Mr. Hodgkin made deceptively simple, powerful abstract paintings. In some of… Read More

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James Cotton RIP

Here at home we have a photo by the great Memphis photographer Ernest Withers of the Howlin Wolf Band pretending to pick cotton in Arkansas. There’s a young James Cotton in that photo sporting a big grin. RIP  

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At the end of 2015, I read many articles about all the music stars who passed in 2016. Today I’d like to salute one more performer who was very very well known within his own musical world, but his passing did not get a mention… Read More