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Municipal Election

Toronto’s municipal election is coming up October 24. We live in Ward 3, a seat that has been held by Mark Grimes for decades. In my opinion, it is past time for new blood at City Council. This election I’ll be supporting Amber Morely. She ran in 2018, making a good showing but losing to the incumbent. In our City, incumbents have long held a significant advantage in municipal politics, and due to his longevity, there is a lot of name recognition around Grimes. I think we can do better, though, and if people come out to vote, he can be toppled.

At the Mayor level, there are several candidates going up against John Tory. I don’t know anything abut any of them yet, so I haven’t made up my mind. Tory is obviously a hard-working guy, but I don’t see a great vision for the City there. Still, it is highly unlikely that he will be unseated this time around. I’ll bet next time out, we’ll see more high-profile candidates jump into the race.

I’d be happy to hear your opinions about both the Ward 3 race and the Mayor race (candidates are welcome to comment).

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