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A few words about The Agency Podcast

As we announced a couple episodes ago, The Agency Podcast is going to take a hiatus after the program we’re recording tomorrow, which will be episode 173. Think of it as an end of season break. We’ll be featuring a special guest on tomorrow’s episode, by-the-way, so fans of The Agency will want to tune in for this one for sure.

We haven’t had any kind of significant break since we started this project. The Agency is a home-made podcast. We don’t have staff, producers, writers, no technical crew, editors, nada. Candy Minx and I have done our best to provide interesting conversation for our listeners each week, figuring it out as we went along. Lately, we’ve been feeling it’s time to take a break. Our slightly vague plan is to take the winter off and come back refreshed and renewed in early spring. To be sure, during the hiatus, we’ll be considering how to make the Agency even better when we return in 2023. One of the things we’ve considered is to change the frequency a bit – perhaps try bi-weekly or monthly to give us a bit more time to plan, organize and generate content. Does that work for you?

One of the things I plan to do during the break is to record some new music for the podcast. We may make other changes as well. We just don’t know what those are yet. If you’re a listener, let me know what you think. We value your ideas and input. We’ve even talked about bringing in additional agents to add new voices to the program (is that you?….if you think it is, let’s talk).

I think this is a good time to thank all our listeners, who have stuck with us through all these episodes and our amazing Patreon supporters who have helped pay the bills. I’d also like to thank our array of fantastic guests who have spiced up the podcast along the way. If you’re a new listener, keep in mind there are many back episodes to listen to while we’re on hiatus as well as one more new episode we plan to publish some time tomorrow.

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