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Big Rock Candy Mountain

Here’s Spoon Lady and the Tater Boys performing Harry Haywire McClintock’s brilliant song about Hobo Heaven. There’s only one way to get there, and well, you know it’s a one-way trip. Just hop aboard the old Wabash Cannonball. There’s only one stop. You can’t miss it. Your ticket’s waiting at the station.

Here’s old Harry himself, supported by Hal Borne and his Orchestra. This was in 42, but Harry wrote this classic back in 28. How he found out about the place, I’ll never know.

When I was a boy, my dad bought me a crappy old record player, one of ones that need a penny or two on the needle to keep it from skipping. He bought me several old records. I remember two in particular. One was Ernest Tubb performing Walking the Floor Over You. This sealed my life-long love of old-school country music. The other recording I recall was by Burl Ives, and it contained his version of Big Rock Candy Mountain.

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