1. vox kadavergehorsamkeit

    There is a lot in there, some of which can be agreed with. But it seemed a better attempt at humor than philosophy. Even Kierkegaard believed that before leaping in and just doing it, whatever it may be, giving some consideration to what you are contemplating is a part of a life well-lived. For him, there does come a point when a bachelor has in effect answered the question of whether or not he should marry with his failure to reach a decision…. So, just telling someone to go do it and not ask anyone with some experience who might help for some advice is not always the best approach. i would add that just doing it and not reflecting on what you have already done before trying again is the long road to improvement.
    Of course Deep Mind, whatever its personal pronoun, knew nothing of how humans or even other go playing machines played the game, only the rules and 8 hours later, it could best anyone or anything that played. But i don’t think Finegold was speaking to AI.
    It may also be noted that his advice, were it applied to him, would see us tune him out and stop sending him our cash, which is what he most seems to like about us.

    • I think Mr. Finegold revels in the lovable curmudgeon persona he has created for himself, along with his discovery that he can make a living just being GM Ben Finegold, chess-playing crank. I think the biggest nugget in what he’s saying is that if you really want to get good at something, you’re going to have to immerse yourself in it, and when you do that, the questions you might ask if you just had a casual interest disappear quickly. I feel that very much in trying to learn fiddle in my 60s.

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