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Urban Wildlife

We’ve had coyotes, possums, raccoons, skunks, owls, various hawks, nesting mallards, a bald eagle and even a lost dog show up around here over the years. Yesterday, my neighbour across the street texted to say she had a wild turkey in her backyard.

It hung out there for a while, then crossed the street and wandered into another neighbour’s yard.

Where it went from there, I have no idea, except that I have heard reports of a turkey showing up in yards as far east as Mimico. Same one? I have no idea. It was a treat to watch this huge bird checking out Long Branch.


      • Turkeys like other Wildlife are learning to adapt to an urban environment. There didn’t use to be many hawks in the city and now there are. There are coyotes now. We’ve taken so much habitat away from wildlife that those that can adapt to an urban environment will. Turkeys are extremely intelligent which makes them good candidates for adaptation.

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