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Adventures in Fiddleland

I’ve always admired fiddlers. In jams at banjo camp and at old time festivals, I’ve been in awe at the ability of fiddle players. Humans can’t do this, I decided. These people must be our overlords from another planet. Along the way I’ve learned to… Read More

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Porter’s Reel

I came across this performance at the Old Time Tiki Parlor YouTube channel. The players are Jody Kruskal, David Bragger & Susan Platz. I love the concertina with the 2 fiddles. I’m familiar with this tune from a recording by Spencer and Rains.

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St. Anne’s

Part of learning any instrument or any genre of music is immersing yourself in the music you want to play. I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into learning fiddle and it’s safe to say that much of the time I have a… Read More

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Fiddle Hack

My first fiddle is an instrument which was given to my brother by our grandfather when my brother was a young boy some 60 years ago. It’s a German copy of a Maggini instrument. It’s loud and brash and to not put too fine a… Read More

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A fiddle gem…

I’ve been listening to a great deal of fiddle music these days. I think if you’re trying to learn an instrument it’s really helpful to immerse yourself in the music. This afternoon I stumbled into this little fiddle gem on the YouTube, the Yvon Thibault… Read More