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A little film for fiddle lovers

I came across this wonderful little film about Newfoundland fiddle great Rufus Guinchard on the NFLD Archive YouTube channel. I don’t know too much about Newfoundland fiddle music (yet). I have long associated Newfoundland with button accordions. Let me tell you a story. A number… Read More

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Rufus Guinchard on fiddle

I’ve been learning a little bit about the late great Newfoundland fiddler, Rufus Guinchard, and came across this old clip featuring Mr. Guinchard, at 90 years, still sawing out the tunes. Check out the unusual way Rufus Guinchard held his fiddle when he played.

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Fab Métis Dancers

I could watch these fab Métis dancers all day. On piano is Patti Kusturok, one of top fiddlers around, and on fiddle is Morgan Grace, a wonderful teen-aged lefty fiddler to watch for, and her dad on guitar. The dancers are Arnold Asham and the… Read More

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Buck Fever Rag

Buck Fever Rag was written by the late great Reg Hill. Mr. Hill was the fiddler in Mac Beattie’s Ottawa Valley Melodiers, but he also had several great solo recordings. I’d bet dollars to donuts the scrub-board player on the Reg Hill cut is Mac… Read More