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Fiddle me this

As some of you know, I’ve started to learn fiddle, and I’ve been working hard at it. I’m taking an online course from the “Brainjo” guy, Dr. Josh Turnkett and taught by Adam Hurt. I’ve taken banjo classes from Adam at Midwest Banjo Camp and… Read More

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Buck Fever Rag

I’ve been listening to a heaping helping of fiddle music lately, as I’ve been hunkering down to learn to fiddle. For a guy beginning to fiddle, working hard at just making a decent tone and finding a few notes, hearing players like this is simply… Read More

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Fiddle me this…

As some of you know, I have an old fiddle at home and I’ve been messing around with it, trying to learn to play. That’s more or less how I approached clawhammer banjo and while it may not have been the most efficient approach, I’ve… Read More

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Ward Allen on fiddle

Here’s Ward Allen’s first recording, The Maple Leaf Two Step. Ward Allen lived a short life, from 1924 to 1965 but made quite a mark on Canadian fiddle music. He won many contests including the Canadian Open Fiddlers’ contest. His most enduring composition, Maple Sugar,… Read More

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Calvin Vollrath on fiddle

As we get closer to Canada Day I’d like to share a YouTube video featuring another of my fave Canadian fiddlers – Calvin Vollrath. Here’s Maurice Billette’s Reel. Clinton Pelletier is on guitar and Mr. Vollrath’s wife Rhea Labrie is step-dancing. Calvin Vollrath has been… Read More