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As some of you are aware, I’ve been attempting to learn to play old time fiddle, something I ought to have taken up 45 years ago if I expected to actually master the instrument. None-the-less, I’m doing my best and I’m gradually making some progress.… Read More

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Slow progress, but progress

For some time now I’ve been working on learning fiddle. I have to say that compared to other instruments I mess with, it’s difficult. Early on I decided I would try to learn this instrument by ear, and dispense completely with written notation. This I… Read More

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Secret Compartment

I’ve been learning to play fiddle on an instrument which was given to my big brother (the trout), Salvelinas Fontinalis, by our grandfather, when Salvelinas was a boy. After a bad experience with a nasty teacher, my brother packed away the fiddle (he may have… Read More

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Go Patti!

A daily highlight for me so far in 2019 has been checking out Patti Kusturok’s 365 days of fiddle tunes. What a generous effort by one of our greatest fiddle players. Here she is with Day 35, Grey Owl by John Arcand. If you haven’t… Read More

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365 for fiddle lovers

Canadian fiddle great Patti Kusturok has embarked on another 365 days of fiddle tunes on YouTube! She did this previously in 2015. I’m really looking forward to a daily dose of Patti and her friends playing so many different tunes. Here are the first two.… Read More