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Art in the Gardens

Over the years, we’ve integrated all kinds of artwork into our gardens here at 27th Street. I love these two sculptures by Scott Childs. A recent addition is this sculpture by Jacob Yerex. We’ve installed it on a copper pipe previously used for a teacup… Read More

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I posted the other day about the book Mandatory 8 Count, which Sheila Gregory and I did together back in 1991 at a gallery called Workscene. Workscene was on Bathurst St just north of Queen. Some of you may remember it. The book was part… Read More

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Mandatory 8 Count

As regular visitors to this oasis in the blog swamp are aware, Sheila and I have been working on some artist books. This is something we’re revisiting now but it is not a new format for us. Last night we pulled from the vault a… Read More

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