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UFO #4

This is the 4th painting in the UFO series. It’s oil on canvas, 36X24″

Here are the others in the series:

UFO #1

Over the next couple weeks I’m going to gather together some unfinished small oil paintings and work on them for a while. They’ve been sitting around the studio haunting me, crying out for some attention. After that the plan is to re-tool a bit. I have a huge bolt of canvas and the motherlode of jars of acrylic paints sitting in my studio. These materials were given to us by the late Clive D’Oliveira when he decided it was time to shut down his studio. I’m going to shift to acrylics and do a series of works on large chunks of canvas tacked directly to the wall. That’s all I know about these future paintings at this point, except that I know Clive will be on my mind when I’m working on them.

I have no plans to exhibit in the near future, and who knows what the future holds for art galleries post-pandemic. That doesn’t mean my works are not available. If you’re interested in my painting, please email me. I’d be happy to provide a socially distanced opportunity to view new paintings in my studio as well as older paintings in storage (we also have a selection of Sheila Gregory’s paintings available at our storage space). Pandemic pricing applies – it’s a challenging time for all of us. If hanging my work adds to your happiness right now, I know we can make it happen.

Here are some links to other recent paintings:

Bigfoot and the AI
Painter’s Dream (not available -this one has a home)
Don’t Mess with the King
Dead Man’s Fingers (not available – this one has a home)

Demons 16X12″, oil on canvas, 2020

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