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Clawhammer and Nails

When you play clawhammer banjo, you need to repeatedly bang your fingernail against the strings on purpose. There are some people who have very very strong nails who never have a problem with this, others whose nails can’t handle the rigors of playing at all,… Read More

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I had a chance to jam (on banjo) with a couple super-accomplished musicians yesterday – one playing fiddle and guitar and the other playing mandolin and guitar. They play a variety of music beyond the old time material in two or three different groups. Both… Read More

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Salt River

Here’s a tune called Salt River. I don’t think I had heard this one until I watched Hilarie Burhans teaching it on one of her excellent YouTube videos, and I picked it up from there. I enjoy playing this one. I recorded this video with… Read More

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Angeline the Baker

I made a little video performing Angeline the Baker for the Tune of the Month on a Facebook group I contribute to, called Clawhammer Rules. Angeline the Baker is an old time tune derived from a Stephen Foster song called Angelina Baker. I learned this… Read More

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It goes kinda like this…

I belong to a group on facebook called Clawhammer Rules, a place where members typically share clean versions of tunes in the form of videos as well as other interesting things related to clawhammer banjo. Back before Christmas, the idea emerged of having a tune… Read More