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Birds out Back

I continue to be fascinated with the various birds coming to the feeders. The regulars include at least 3 pair of cardinals, a huge gang of house sparrows, mourning doves, house finches, nuthatches, and chickadees.

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More new housing on Twenty Seventh Street, but this triplex is strictly for the birds. We had a whirligig on this pole for quite a while – a fisherman who fishes more and more aggressively as the wind picks up. From time to time whirligigs… Read More

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Mourning Dove

Today there was a single mourning dove hanging out in the apple tree. Where were its friends? Some days there are 3 or 4 in the tree or feeding on the ground. When there is a single mourning dove around, it seems to be quite… Read More

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House Finches

We didn’t always have house finches visiting the feeders out back. For the first few years there were none. I remember one year we saw one. What’s that red bird? I had never seen one before. Now they are common visitors. This afternoon, there were… Read More

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The Cardinal Gang

So far this winter, we have had so many birds at the backyard feeders. The feeders are in the big old apple tree just behind the house. The cats and I can watch them from the picture window above the garage. There are at least… Read More

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Birds out back

I’ve been seeing house finches at the backyard feeders recently. Along with the blue jays, which come by from time to time, they add a shot of colour to the usual suspects at the feeders. These shots were all taken from inside our house, from… Read More