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Free Books

There is an excellent selection of titles currently available in the 27th Street Book Box. These include Redemption Falls by the excellent Irish author, Joseph O’Connor, a couple of the Godfather books, two of Patricia Highsmith’s novels, and many more. You’re welcome to take a… Read More

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Beginning the Ripliad

I’m not sure how, in close to 58 years on the planet, I failed to read any of Patricia Highsmith’s novels. Recently we watched the Wim Wenders film, The American Friend, based on Highsmith’s Ripley’s Game, and we loved it. Soon after, we watched the… Read More

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The Mayor of MacDougal Street

The cover of my copy of Dave Van Ronk’s memoirs, The Mayor of MacDougal Street, proclaims: “The life story that inspired the Coen Brothers Movie Inside Llewyn Davis”. That wasn’t enough to stop me from reading the book. Sure, Inside Llewyn Davis was an OK… Read More

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Next up….

Next up on my reading list: Scarborough – a novel, by Catherine Hernandez Curry – Eating, Reading, and Race by Naben Ruthnum and… The Mayor of MacDougal Street – A Memoir by the late Dave Van Ronk Are you a reader? What books are you… Read More

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Free Books!

A benefactor dropped off a heaping helping of good books for the Twenty Seventh Street Book Box today and there are plenty of new titles to choose from + we have lots of back-ups to keep the box stuffed with good reading. The box is… Read More

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The Refugees

I started reading The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen on the plane on the way to Viet Nam and read a couple of the stories in the book while we were traveling. I put it aside when we got back and didn’t do any reading… Read More

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18 Books

Goodreads tells me I read 18 books in 2017. Here they are in no particular order: Eating Vietnam by Graham Holliday – just finished reading this one. A culinary adventure on the streets of Hanoi and Saigon. Delightful. Recommended for foodies out there. The Bird… Read More