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Rocket 88?

Anybody else notice a sharp increase in crazy aggressive drivers lately?  This morning, I pulled into the left lane on Eglinton preparing for a left turn ahead, when some firecracker roared up behind me, getting right on my tail, inches from my bumper. Next thing… Read More

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More Car Songs

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road – Lucinda Williams. This song keeps on giving. Mercury Blues – David Lindley Dead Man’s Curve – Jan & Dean Racing in the Street – Springsteen. This link is to a live version by Townes van Zandt. Townes’ version… Read More

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Songs about cars

Here in the dying days of the American Empire, we don’t hear much celebration of the automobile anymore, but back in the days of rock ‘n roll, the car was a theme songwriters rarely tired of. Here are some tunes about cars that I really… Read More