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The Clarinet Polka

I’ve learned that a lot of Canadian fiddlers play the Clarinet Polka. Here are two versions which have one player – not the fiddle player – in common. The first version is fiddled by Mark Sullivan, and it’s just fabulous! The accordion player is Jeremy… Read More

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Jigs on the Brain

I’ve been listening to a bunch of fiddle jigs, because I’m learning one called Little Burnt Potato, or La P’tite Patate Brûlée. I’m listening to a bunch of them so I can get my little brain around the different bowing choices. Of course tunes like… Read More

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Jean Lafitte

I’ve been trying to listen to as much fiddle music as I can because I think listening a lot will help me become stronger on the instrument. Recently I came across some videos featuring a fiddler from Seattle named Vivian Williams. I have really been… Read More

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What’s Old is New

I’ve been ever-so-slowly learning old time fiddle on an old German fiddle my Grandpa gave to my older brother back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. I’ve learned enough to know it is time to upgrade my instrument. I know a good deal about banjos but… Read More