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Reasons to be Cheerful

In the latest episode of The Agency Podcast, Where’s the Money, we talked about a newsletter/website called Reasons to be Cheerful, the brainchild of David Byrne. Yes, that David Byrne, the guy from Talking Heads, and writer of the fantastic book How Music Works, among… Read More

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Pretty Little Dog

Here are Ted and I playing Pretty Little Dog. I don’t know very much about this tune, except it is usually attributed to Lee Triplett. It’s a lot of fun to play (even if we both look super-serious). This video was shot by Candy Minx.

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Jack Antler Updates

As regular visitors to this little oasis in the blog-swamp know, I play clawhammer banjo in an Old Time music duo with Ted Myerscough on guitar. We’d like to thank The Emperor of Ephemera, Anthony Stagg, for creating a sign for us to use busking… Read More