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Go with Vox

Last night I won 4/5 games online. I’ve been giving 2 stones and receiving 6.5 komi. In July we played 42 games and I had a 62% win rate. Vox has consistently been a territorial player. That is, he tries to take early cash and… Read More

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Birds out Back

This morning while I was enjoying my granola, I watched 2 pair of cardinals out back, along with several house finches, a chickadee, a few red-winged blackbirds along with the resident colony of house sparrows. I left to get a filling replaced at the dentist,… Read More

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F Holes

The latest episode of The Agency podcast is called F Holes. Candy Minx and I enjoyed a conversation that ranged from jazz to design, movies to science. You can hear it here or find us on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Tune-in. Please help us… Read More