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Dangerous Rivers

The new episode of The Agency Podcast is now available. Listen to Dangerous Rivers here or find it at all the good places. At The Agency, we talk about all aspects of arts and culture. Today’s episode goes from cakes and cookies in the Comfort… Read More

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Lynda Sinclair

Hi Lynda, Tuffy P writing tonight. Maybe angels can read posts -maybe they can’t. I figure you might get this. Two nights before you left us, on Sunday – I dreamed you were in a big school bus. I was far away in the school… Read More

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Go with Vox

Last night I won 4/5 games online. I’ve been giving 2 stones and receiving 6.5 komi. In July we played 42 games and I had a 62% win rate. Vox has consistently been a territorial player. That is, he tries to take early cash and… Read More