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Go with Vox

We played 5 games online last evening, a session which might be characterized by errors on the part of both players. The second game was the most interesting from my perspective.

game 2

Vox had staked out the bottom left and had a position in the centre. I needed to find a way to reduce in a big way. I jumped in to pressure his centre, which did not yet have eye-shape. I didn’t think I could kill his stones but it did enable me to reduce his bottom left in a big way and take the game.

I won 3/5 games last evening but I feel I played sloppily and could have done much better.

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Double Literature

Reader mail. Lots more on artificial intelligence. Doppelgangers, some podcast recommendations, more television and movies, and a little something from The Comfort Food Diner.

The new episode of The Agency Podcast is up at last. Sorry we were delayed for a few days this week. Listen here or find it in the usual places.

We’d love to hear from you! Please email us your thoughts, requests, complaints or whatever you like. We just might read your mail on a future podcast.

A note on the music for this week’s episode. The intro is me playing Wild Hog in Yonders Woods on clawhammer banjo. Just after we said good-bye tonight, Candy asked me if I could hear the ice cream truck go by her apartment. I couldn’t so she recorded a bit of it. I recognized it, an Old Time tune called Red Wing, also known as Woody Guthrie’s Union Maid, which you hear a few seconds of at the end of the podcast.

Here’s another version, this time of Red Wing, performed by the late Cathy Barton. I had the privilege of meeting Cathy and participating in quite a few of her workshops at Midwest Banjo Camp at 3 different camp sessions. Cathy was a fabulous teacher, a great musician – and one of my fave banjo players. She was also super-encouraging to me. Here she is playing Red Wing on Hee Haw:

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We’re Late

This week’s episode of The Agency will be late due to technical difficulties. Our ace technicians tell us it has something to do with asteroids, the parallel universe, a shortage of dilithium crystals, a dead mouse and a schism in the incremental bilateral neo-processing module. We hope to have a new episode up tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Thanks for your patience.

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I don’t know beans

I don’t know beans. I like beans, and I like to cook, but outside of adding canned red kidney beans to make chile, I’ve never really tried to cook with them. However, there is a bag of dry navy beans in the pantry and last night in a fit of madness, I added put about 3 cups of them in a pot of water and left them to soak overnight.

I wasn’t really sure what to do with them until I saw that Tuffy P had bought some nice looking sausages. When I saw them in the fridge, I remembered seeing a video on the YouTubes about making sausage and bean stew. Aha, it’s a thing. I can do that. Now, I might have gone back and looked it up so I could learn how to do it properly before sallying forth into the land of bean stew, but what fun is that? This can’t be rocket surgery.

I started by browning some sausage along with onion, garlic, red pepper and celery. I added some dried herbs and some chile flakes, but I didn’t add salt because I vaguely remember somebody telling me once (or maybe it was that same video?) that you shouldn’t salt beans until they are halfway cooked. Is that true?

While that was happening, I dug around in the pantry and came up with a can of diced tomatoes (it says on the can Italian Flavoured, whatever that means).

I added the tomatoes, drained the beans and tossed them in as well.

I let it cook for maybe 3/4 hour then added some salt and some fresh ground pepper, then remembered I had some napa (Chinese cabbage) in the fridge. I bet that would be perfect in this concoction. I chopped some up and tossed it in the pot and let the who business cook until the beans were tender.

I finished it off with some parmigiano cheese. Very delicious. I think it’s pretty flexible as well. I’m sure I could have used a different combination of veggies or a different kind of beans or some chicken thighs instead of sausage or different herbs or whatever. I bet it would be really good if you start off with some chopped up bacon (but then, almost anything would, right?).

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Go with Vox

We played 7 games last night online. I won 4 of the games. One, the 5th game, was a squeaker – a half point victory for me.

game 5 – it doesn’t get much closer

We were again quite evenly matched with me giving Vox 2 stones handicap. Tonight, Vox was quite attentive to his shape and with the final game being the exception, I found it difficult to destabilize his positions. In that final game, I forced a group of his stones in the centre to scramble for life, and made great profit out of the deal.

A similar situation happened in the 3rd game. Vox dove in deep and I made his stones a target. We had some discussion about this. I think he has a tendency to dive too deeply into my strength. He does this when I have a good moyo. The way he sees it, he has to get deep in there to totally reduce my potential. I think he would be better to reduce lightly, not so deep, give up some territory but take a stronger position himself. I know from my point of view, anytime I can make on of his groups heavy and attack it, I make good profit, even if he survives. I have the hardest time when I can’t find a target to attack.

Very enjoyable and competitive games last night.

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