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I know that smell….

oh oh….

It was about 11:00 last evening. We had sent the dogs out in the back yard for their before bedtime pee. I was at the computer in front of a mic, recording an episode of The Agency…..when Tuffy P put a note in front of me, written on an envelope: George may be skunked. He’s out & it stinks. What happened? To hear all about it, listen to the latest episode of The Agency.

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Isolation Comfort Food

OK so the world is topsy-turvy and most of us are home, avoiding other humans, hoping this nasty virus would just take a hike. The Agency Podcast wants to know, are there any special comfort foods that get you through stressful times? We’d love it if you would tell us about them and share recipes. If we receive some submissions, we’ll read them on our show. Email The Agency. If you want to send us a voice clip, that’s great too – we can add it directly to the podcast.

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What are they digging out there?

I walked along the Lake in Marie Curtis Park. For months there have been diggers over to the west moving fill, gravel and rocks around. There is a sign up now. It turns out a new conservation area is being created. They even have a politician to name it after.

I was surprised that this work was still actively taking place, given current virus-related restrictions. I heard the Premier say that construction work was exempted, but as I heard it, he was clearly referring to construction of homes. I’m all for having the new conservation area completed on time, but I hope it isn’t at the expense of the safety of the workers.

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A Strange Landmark

If you have ever bicycled along the Waterfront Trail, west of Etobicoke Creek, you may have noticed a number of strange wooden structures.

This area is known as The Arsenal Lands. This was the sight of a WWII small arms factory and rifle testing range. The wooden structures are sound baffles which absorbed some of the gunfire noise. I understand there were originally 30 of these baffles, of which 16 remain. Some of them are overgrown with vines and shrubs.

There is also a large concrete structure which I did not photograph today. It’s the back end of the firing range.

As I walked the trail which meanders among the baffles this morning, I watched and heard many male red-winged blackbirds which were flitting among the brush.

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Etobicoke Creek running red

Etobicoke Creek is currently running a strange red colour from somewhere way up in Mississauga right down to the lake. I took the following pictures at Marie Curtis Park, near the mouth of the creek.

Apparently 400 litres of red ink were spilled into the creek yesterday. There are news articles which suggest a clean-up is under way. However there is no information as to how toxic this stuff might be to fish, birds and other wildlife. There is also no information about how it happened or who might be responsible.

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The latest episode of The Agency Podcast is up and it’s called Skunked. You can listen right here or find us at iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify or TuneIn. Candy tries the impossible: discussing The Mandalorian with a non Star Wars fan (that’s me). Other topics include turning to familiar food, looking for rice and comfort tv.

Thank you for listening! What comfort foods are you seeking out? What are you doing to pass the time? How are you feeling? Send us an email.